Bring some brightness to playtime with our CUSTOMIZED version of Cuddle Case! Whether it's your name or "I love you", your Cuddle Case is sure to stand out to your friends. 

This adorable teddy bear in our most exciting Cuddle Case yet, is a great addition to any toy collection. Complete with the essential protective padding all the way around and made from a soft, plush material, the Radiant Rainbow case is another way to mix safety with fun.

  • Fold-over stand to prop iPad fully upright
  • Handles for sturdy grip
  • Easy to slip on and off for quick cleaning
  • Lightweight material makes it easy to carry for little arms


9.7" tablets- Fits Ipad Pro 9.7", Ipad Air & Air 2, Ipad 2, 3, 4. Galaxy 9.7" models. 

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