Q: What sizes does Cuddle Case come in?

A: Cuddle Case comes in one size right now.  It fits most 9.7" tablets. If you are interested the iPad mini case, please contact us for more information. 


Q: Will Cuddle Case protect my device from cracking if it falls? 

A: Cuddle case is designed to help protect your tablet from falls. It has extra cushioning around the edges of the case that will prevent the screen of your tablet from touching the floor. However, we cannot guarantee that your tablet won't be damaged when it's in our case. 


Q: Does Cuddle Case have a stand? 

A: Of course! Cuddle case has a stand behind it that will prop the tablet upright so that your child can watch his or her shows hands free! All you have to do is fold the flap behind the tablet to form a triangle and velcro it together. 


Q: What age is Cuddle Case suitable for?

A: We recommend using Cuddle Case for any child older than 3 years old.

Q: Is Cuddle Case washable? 

A: Yes! If you are washing your Cuddle Case, we recommend doing so on a gentle cycle and letting it air dry.